The Gopal Corporation was born in a small shop in the crowded lanes of Old Delhi in 1942.

Driven by a dynamic entrepreneurial mindset, the business has transformed itself into a modern, thriving enterprise, dominating the large Indian tobacco industry (the world's second largest) and making fresh inroads into several emerging sectors like Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Power and Hospitality. The Group is exploring new opportunities across the globe, using its proven acumen to create new paradigms for its customers and associates. The Group brings high standards of ethics and professionalism to bear upon all its activities, using innovation to unlock value and unleash potential.


Tat-O Chips Strawberry Flavour

Tat-O has introduced strawberry flavoured chips for those who swear by these exotic berries. A first in India, this unique snack has created an entirely new category of fruit and berry flavoured chips.

Tat-O Chips Tandoori Aloo
Masala Flavour

Potato chips flavoured with red chilly powder, mango powder, lemon powder and salt. You also get to experience the special smoked taste of barbecued potatoes. Tat-O Tandoori Aloo Masala chips is made for those crave for a spicy twist added to their regular potato chips.