Food: Tat-O


Tat-O is the leading brand of snack range from GCL. There are 20 variants available in markets currently – Potato Chips, Chatkila, Rings, and Puffs. Our delectable range of snacks go through high standards of quality and a hygienic manufacturing process for a wholesome experience. Tat-O is the only Indian brand which caters specifically to kids.


Tat-O Potato Chips

Tat-O potato chips comes in six exciting flavours: Super - Hit Salted, Peanut Curd Masala, Masala, Lemon & Coriander, Cream & Onion and Tangy Tomato. Each of these variants offer exciting flavours that will tantalize your taste buds.

Tat-O Corn Rings

Tat-O Corn Rings come in four delectable flavours – Pudina (Mint), Cheese, Masala, Tomato. Corn Rings is the newest offering from the house of GCL.

Tat-O Puffs

Tat-O Puffs are creating a niche of their own with Masala, Tomato, Mint (Pudina) and Cheese flavours. Just open a pack whenever the hunger pangs hit.