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JOIE incense sticks are completely chemical-free and created with natural ingredients sourced from select rainforests in India. The wide variety of scents perfectly complements diverse moods and occasions.


Joie Incense Sticks

Joie Incense Sticks are completely free of any chemical mixture which makes it non-toxic and thus harmless to health. Made from the most refreshing ingredients picked from select rainforests in India, when lit only the most pleasing of aromas fill the air.

Shaktiman Coils

An effective anti-mosquito coil, eliminates mosquitoes quickly by generating a high action vapor which spreads to a wider area. Its Power Shield Technology guards against diseases spread by mosquitoes like malaria, dengue, etc.

Starlite Matchboxes

Starlites carborised matches are easy to light and are also safe to use, with an uncompromising standard of quality.


The royalty of silver which adorns Indian sweets and ‘paan’ is an exquisite production from Gopal. Made from 99.9% pure silver, these sheets add delight to many consumer products.