The Gopal Corporation was born in a small shop in the crowded lanes of Old Delhi in 1942.

Driven by a dynamic entrepreneurial mindset and an 80 year old legacy the business has transformed itself into a modern, thriving enterprise, dominating the large Indian tobacco industry (the world’s second largest) with its beloved brand and making fresh inroads into several emerging sectors like Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Power and Hospitality. The group is exploring new opportunities using its proved acumen to create new paradigms for its customers and associates.

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  • Rachna Agarwal


    A passionate and focussed worker, Rachna Agarwal's addition to the GCL family has infused the organization with renewed focus and motivation.

  • Sri Gopal Gupta


    Shri Sri Gopal Gupta, an exemplar of industrious and wise, has brought about a certain impetus that has raised Gopal Corporation to the glowing stature that it relishes today.


In 2009, GCL decided to broaden its horizons by venturing into the hospitality sector. The Fortune Resort Grace, established in the same year, is a sprawling and luxurious resort in the heart of Mussoorie.

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Hydro Power

GCL has a portfolio of Hydro Power projects located in Himachal Pradesh, as part of our commitment to environmental causes and our vision for the future. These Hydro Power plants have a capacity for generating almost 51 MW of electricity through sustainable energy sources. 

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