Sri Gopal Gupta


Shri Sri Gopal Gupta, an exemplar of industrious and wise, has brought about a certain impetus that has raised Gopal Corporation to the glowing stature that it relishes today. His meticulous approach to growing GCL’s expanse has been adopted and applied for executing precise processes to develop every product that comes out of our shelves. His influence in the Group’s strategic planning, policies and corporate affairs greatly endows the company with ingenuity. His methods and ideals have always been customer oriented. And this quality very much reflects on the company’s unique work environment.

Vineeta Gupta


Mrs. Vineeta Gupta has been an integral member of the Gopal Group hierarchy ever since its inception. She has been vehemently working towards achieving the Group's objectives, serving the company in various capacities. During her illustrious tenure, the company has registered a spectacular growth in the network, and consolidation of operations of the Gopal Group.

Rachna Agrawal


A passionate and focused worker, her addition to the GCL family has infused the organization with renewed focus and motivation. She has a vision to multiply the Group's market share and bring about a phase of rapid development for the group. She has been an integral part of the team at GCL with a strong focus on customer oriented marketing and sales strategies.

Rachit Agrawal


Mr. Rachit Agrawal is a Marketing and Business Analytics Graduate from Kelley School of Business, Indiana, USA. He is a perfectionist when it comes to organising and leading company operations and has played a major role in the company’s recent success. With his unique leadership style, he is the true embodiment of the group’s identity of high quality products and long lasting relations.

Apoorv Gupta


Mr. Apoorv Gupta, a Management Graduate from IILM-Delhi is a perfectionist when it comes to organising and leading company operations. He played a major role in the diversification of the company into the various fields that GCL now thrives on. He has the natural ability and has acquired skills to develop exciting flavours for GCL’s various product lines of food. He has also been part of a specialized course from VALIN on processed food. Having acquired a substantial amount of knowledge on consumer behaviour, he now shares the same knowledge with his team. Seeking in the process, to become a consumer solution oriented strategic unit.

Anubha Gupta


Anubha completed her B.A. (Hons) English Literature from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University in 2010, after which she went to the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London to pursue her Post Graduation in History of Art. Currently she is heading, Artsome.co, a not-for-profit first of its kind online portal which attempts to fill the lack of education and exposure to art in South Asia.

Sharad Chaudhary


Mr. Sharad Chaudhary joined Gopal Group in 1987. He has dedicatedly handled numerous responsibilities in Sales, Brand Management, Technical, Packaging and Product Development. He has been involved in the incubation and development of Gopal's latest initiatives of bringing complete mechanisation and automation to the Tobacco factory. His inventive ideas had helped Gopal Group in bringing technological advancements to the field of packaging and production way before any other competition had achieved it.

Vipin Agrawal


Mr. Vipin Agrawal joined Gopal Group in 1986, and currently heads the commercial department in his full capacity. Mr. Agrawal holds an Honours Degree in Commerce from Delhi University. His responsibilities during his tenure in the company comprised of production control, purchase and commercial operations. His innovative approach towards bringing efficiency in quantity projection has aided in maintaining a strict relation between demand and supply chain. His very unique attribute of being able to make instant and effective changes to the course of any plan in progress, has been a tremendous asset for the company’s progress.

Manoj Gupta


Mr. Manoj Gupta joined the Gopal Group in the year 1995. He holds an Honours Degree in Science and Law. Prior to joining Gopal Group, he has performed his duties as a Litigation Lawyer in High Court and Supreme Court as well. He has worked on many projects and policies over the years. Mr. Gupta was especially instrumental in the setting up and functioning of the Baddhi factory. It’s Mr. Gupta’s employment friendly policies in the HR and administrative departments that have effected flawless routine of affairs within the company jurisdiction.