The business philosophy of Gopal Corporation is derived from this wisdom and encapsulated on our 3 pillars of success.

  1. Good Quality at competitive rates 
  2. Building relationships 
  3. Establishing Trust



At GCL, we work full-steam ahead with a specific mission in mind - to create the best product possible at the most competitive prices. 

GCL believes in continuously exploring and enhancing the quality of its products by individually improving the attributes of a product. This includes development and research at every level of production, and the uniform rigorous standards of quality control and taste established for all raw materials. 

It also furthers its mission by understanding consumer demands and expectations, and working to fulfil them. A key component of this is providing consumers with the best product in the market at competitive prices, making Gopal brand tobacco the de facto choice for many Indians. 


Our vision for GCL and all its products is to become the brand of choice for consumers. This involves making GCL products synonymous with tobacco, snacking, hospitality or power at large. 

Delightful and good quality products are at the core of this vision. By providing consumers with the best-in-line tobacco products, we want to establish a wider market and consumer base for our products. This, in turn, would also enhance the value of the company and build value for our stakeholders, creating an ecosystem of mutual trust and benefit.