2021 has been a great year for GCL. The pandemic hit every industry hard, but it also showed to me the conviction and value the GCL family has for the company. We are entering the 8th decade of GCL’s legacy, and at this point I feel immense gratitude for the entire GCL family and am greatly humbled by their continued support. On the eve of the 80th year anniversary of GCL, we mark a new beginning in our history where we will focus on growth, and the growth of everyone associated with us.

Our success formula has always been providing the best quality products and services at competitive prices. However, these recent few years have seen us diversify into previously uncharted territories of FMCGs such as potato chips, extruded snacks, Indian namkeens and mouth fresheners. Our growth in this venture has been expected to hit 100% in the coming years, and that can all be attributed to our team of both experienced and young team members, bringing the best of wisdom and innovation to our ventures. 

However, we will continue to strengthen our market share in our core segment of Flavoured Chewing Tobacco with unprecedented targets that will usher in a new chapter for one of India’s beloved tobacco brands. Gopal Corporation has an established tradition of providing high quality goods to its consumers at the best prices. This tradition is still carried on by focusing on sourcing the highest quality raw materials for production. Even today the kevda is sourced from the best vendors in Odisha, Kesar from Kashmir, high quality Rose petals from Aligarh and renowned scents are carefully crafted in-house at our various facilities. 

GCL is a proud Indian business house, and in these times of progress for our country, we are standing right by this vision of progress and growth. With our many innovations and processes, we have replaced our imports and begun to produce much of the raw materials required for production locally, in support and recognition of the Make In India campaign. Keeping in mind the environmental pollution faced by the current population, we are also working on expanding and strengthening our network of Hydro Power Projects to promote sustainable forms of renewable energy. Additionally, the Gopal Foundation continues to work for the benefit of the Indian people, providing aid in times of crisis and natural disasters, as well as adopting cancer patients for life and supporting them throughout their treatments. 

At the forefront of innovation, Gopal Corporation is committed to taking the legacy forward, while the group is evolving with time, upholding our three pillars of success:

  1. Good Quality at competitive rates 
  2. Building relationships and 
  3. Establishing Trust

The younger generation of entrepreneurs of Gopal Corporation have stood up to this task and flourished in all our new endeavors. Armed with the same principles of conducting business they are poised to take Gopal Corporation to new heights. The young entrepreneurs of Gopal Corporation have lived up to the challenges of the new age and kept up the glorious spirit of team Gopal Corporation by seamlessly integrating the past with the future of the company. 

Gopal Corporation is ready with the knowledge from an illustrious past and the humility of the current generation, to take on a promising future for the group and the country.  


Shri Gopal Gupta
Chairman, Gopal Group