Years of thoughtful planning and execution has enabled us to follow our fundamental ideal of always pursuing and cultivating innovations that matter to the company’s growth as well as the society as a whole. Gopal Group has sprawling R&D centres at Baddi and Delhi, which are fully equipped with technical innovations and a highly qualified R&D team to develop products and solutions which give the company an admirable advantage over the competition. 

A big part of GCL’s strategy is dedicated to finding new methods and developing processes to come up with new and better products. This is what keeps the group’s R&D centres, and ultimately the final products, ahead in the market. Constant and immense support is ensured to the research and development teams to continually bring improvements in existing products and services, while innovations are accorded proper guidance and approvals according to merit.

Tobacco R&D Centre in Delhi

Gopal Group’s R&D centre at Delhi is the hub of the company’s tobacco business. Field research conducted by the Delhi R&D centre supports our consistent zeal to improve the quality of tobacco plants. Our non-compromising processes make sure that what we offer to our consumers is delightful and high quality on all fronts. It is because of our unflinching approach to producing better products that we have more than 50 quality product variants that have been produced and introduced on a commercial scale.

Master Food Design Development Facility at Baddi

A master food design development facility at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh accommodates all the requirements of Gopal Group’s food business. International standards and quality procedures are followed diligently in this R&D facility, which in turn, propels it to conceive ideas for ideal flavours that are packed into each and every product that reaches the stands across the country.