Every single person that contributes to the functioning and progress of GCL lends an enormous amount of strength to the entire foundation. Our workforce is the reason for GCL’s strong roots and constant growth. Thus, we place our workforce to the highest levels of our commitment and invest in making the work environment pleasant for every single person at GCL. Our core values, reflected in every decision we make regarding our workplace and employee benefits, include - 


  • Empowering People - We empower our employees by continuously encouraging our workforce to give their best and provide space for multiple opinions and ideas. We are committed to improving on our earlier efforts in bringing new ideas to the fore and realising them with extreme efficiency. 
  • Flexibility - Accepting and adapting to necessary and novel changes, resulting from either our partners’, customers’ or employees’ needs, enable us to keep the group’s growth always a priority. It also allows us to pivot and change where necessary, and we promote flexibility and initiative-taking in our workforce.
  • Transparency - We endorse complete honesty and transparency in order to build trust within the workforce, something we believe is the secret to having a thriving culture at work.
  • Creating Positive Impact - Our work and workforce reflect our fundamental ideals of striving for superior and better standards of living for Indians. One of the reasons that makes GCL a great place to work is the diversity of challenges which arise from realising our fundamental ideals. This allows everyone at GCL to work towards a net positive outcome for everyone involved, which keeps the office surrounded in positive energy and inculcates maximum productivity.

    So, if you would like to join the GCL family, send us your resume or fill in the given form with your profile. We will contact you if we have an opening for your profile.

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